Friday Tip-Off: Head Position


Welcome to the first Friday Tip-Off. Each week, I’ll talk about a different aspect of how to improve your performance through drills or other exercises. We start it off with how to position your head.


I was working with a student recently that was struggling in pretty much all aspects of his shooting, be it rifle or pistol. His shot placement was so erratic that it was hard to trace the problem to single source. I knew this student was cross-dominant (right handed, but left eye dominant), but what I didn’t realize until watching him shoot from a little bit farther away than my usual arms-length or shorter position was how much he was moving his head when he brought the gun up.

Look at Doug's head position while drawing.

Look at Doug’s head position while drawing.

Now, notice that his head is in pretty much exactly the same place while shooting.

Now, notice that his head is in pretty much exactly the same place while shooting.














I can’t stress the importance of keeping your head as still as possible when shooting, especially in the case of cross-dominance and shooting rifles from your left shoulder/hand and pistols in your right. Once you start moving both your head and the gun, things tend to deteriorate in a hurry, as you’re never really in the same position. As a general rule, your head should always stay in a pretty upright, natural position and the gun should be aligned to your dominant eye from there. Once we got his head straight, and another quick refresher on trigger control, this student went from barely keeping all his rounds on an IPSC target at 20 yards, to shooting an 1.5″ group with his XDM to finish the lesson, which last only about an hour.


So there’s your Friday Tip-Off, until next time Train to Triumph!

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