Friday Tip-Off: Z Drill

No, I’m not talking about Zombies, although this drill might help with that too. Here’s the set-up.


Targets: 2 USPSA or IDPA, set about 1 yard apart

Distance: Can and should be varied between 7-25 yards.

Drill: Draw and fire 2 shots in the center A zone of each target, then transition back to the first target and fire 2 shots in the head box of each target.

Variations: Can be done with a rifle, or if you are a real man, slugs. You can also add a reload before transitioning to the head box.

Things To Watch For: This drill addresses two different aspects of target engagement. The first, is that as always, your shot split and transition times should be within about .03 of each other. The other thing the drill works on is changing pace for the given target. Obviously, it requires a lot more precision to hit a head box than the larger body section. So, you should have a slight pause when you come off of your fourth shot going into your fifth, and then that sets the pace for the remaining shots.


Give it a try and always Train to Triumph!


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