Headphones That Look Like Ammo

OK, so I was poking around Forbes online this morning and found this article from CES about earbuds that look like 9mm rounds. While my very first reaction was “That’s really freakin’ cool!”, but the more I thought about, the less sure I am.

Linked from Forbes. The Munitio Nines Tactical Earphones

When I’m using earbuds, I’m generally on an airplane, with 250 people I’ve never met before. Unfortunately, with today’s political and social climate, you are never quite sure what kind of reaction something like that might spark. Personally, when I like to use travel time to either focus on the upcoming event, or decompress and relax after by reading a book, playing a few games, etc. Having a discussion on why guns should be banned, cause violence and generally strike fear into the heart of both evil and do-gooders alike doesn’t really enter into the “relaxing topic” category. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my industry or don’t want to share my sport, because one of passions is to introduce people who are on the fence to shooting. It comes down to a much more basic reason: I don’t want to be bothered during time that I’ve already budgeted to complete a task, such as writing blog posts or articles.


Overall, I’m batting a pretty good average when it comes to the aforementioned discussions, and most people seem intrigued by the thought of somebody competing with guns. The other concern I have, one that I feel is a little silly to even think of, but history has proven me wrong… What sort of reaction is TSA/airline staff going to have? I’ve seen some extremely simple, totally harmless things, turned into the World Stupid Championship by TSA and again, I try everything in my power to make air travel as hassle-free as possible. I would love to hear ya’lls thoughts on this too.

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