Tactical Solutions Announces Trigger Group for X-Ring Rifles

trigger-group-294x300What’s the difference between a good shot and great shot?
Many times the pull of the trigger is the difference. The TacSol
trigger group for the X-Ring™ rifle will make you wonder how
you ever shot without it.
The TacSol trigger group has a crisp single stage trigger pull
that keeps you accurate and an adjustable over travel adjustment
screw allowing you to adjust the trigger how you like

A meticulously crafted anodized aluminum housing saves
weight while the hardened A2 tool steel hammer, sear and
disconnect keep your rifle shooting for a very long time. An
auto bolt release helps keep our trigger running smoothly.


Our trigger comes standard with our extended magazine release
allowing comfortable and snappy magazine changes with no fumbling to find the hidden button.


The TacSol trigger group is exclusively available with the X-Ring rifle and X-Ring combo package.


I got a play with some of the first prototypes when I visited the factory last year. Even those were extremely smooth and had a great release on them. Can’t wait to see what the production models are like. Strictly me speaking here, but hopefully they will be able to release them individually soon so you can upgrade your Ruger rifle, though I don’t know if they have any plans to.

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  1. George walker says:

    I just bought a tacsol x ring and I want a lighter trigger and haven’t been able to find your x ring trigger group please let me know where and when I can find one thanks

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