Friday Tip-Off: Mental Game

It’s going to be a light tip this Friday guys… SHOT Show is around the corner and there is definitely not enough hours in the day…


Anyway, I did get a few requests to talk about mental strategy in shooting. I do plan on a full post on it soon (Maybe next week, I should have some time to write on the plane), but for now, I really encourage you to go sign-up for Lanny Bassham’s Mental Coach newsletter.


I use many parts of his system for my own mental game and it works extremely well. While we don’t have the time to run a mental program for each shot, we can (and should)  do so for every stage or string. I like his system because it breaks it down into simple terms that are easy to understand and apply. I also like the books by Dr. Bob Rotella. While they are golf focused, many things transfer over and he talks a lot about how to deal with putting a mistake behind you while you’re walking to the next shot (or in our case, stage).


I promise I’ll have more next week! Until then, Train To Triumph!

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