SHOT Show Day 1

Whew, day 1 of the 2013 SHOT show is over and day 2 is about to begin. Since I had quite a few meetings yesterday, I didn’t have a lot of time to run around and take a bunch of pictures. I plan on correcting that issue today, and having plenty of content for ya’ll to see.


This year’s show has an interesting feel and air to it within the political climate being what it is. Sales are up quite a bit with one vendor reporting that ONE sales rep wrote about 20% of the total sales from last year’s show, just on yesterday morning alone. With the White House expected to announce what sort of action they want to take towards gun control shortly, people are buying, and buying because they’re scared. The industry is getting ready to buckle down for a serious fight for existence. Ruger has a terminal set up in their booth allowing you to punch in your name and address, and it will automatically send a letter to your elected officials to oppose any new restrictive gun control legislation.


But, despite the cloud hanging over us, everybody is here and having a great time catching up with friends. The best part about the firearms industry is without a doubt the genuine, upstanding, GOOD people that are involved is what keeps us standing and walking around the entire day for 4 days straight. If you ever get a chance to attend SHOT or NRA Show, don’t hesitate because you’ll have an experience of a lifetime.

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