Tech Tuesday: Hogue Magrip

One of the more exciting products to me when I was first picked up by Houge as a shooter is the Magrip for 1911s.



Magrip mounted on a S&W 1911 in 38 Super.


The Magrip kit is made up of 3 pieces: a mainspring housing and two grip panels to form an integrated magwell. Though also available in aluminum, I prefer the G-10 version. G-10 itself is a fiberglass composite material and Hogue uses a unique process called G-Mascus to produce the patterns that simulate wood grain.  G-10 also makes it incredibly easy to blend the magwell portion to the frame of the gun without the need to re-finish either the frame or the grips, as is the case with anything made from aluminum. Pictured above is the green G-Mascus with the classic double diamond checkering. They also sell an extremely aggressive texture called Chain Link that works awesome down here in East Texas, but be warned, they aren’t for sissy hands!

About the size of an S&A magwell

About the size of an S&A magwell

In a world of growing magwells, Hogue sticks with a profile similar to that of a classic Smith & Alexander. This makes the Magrip suitable for carry, as well as competition, and will fit the IDPA box if that happens to be where you find yourself. Personally, I’m not a fan of the huge profile magwells on a single stack 1911. No offense to those who have them, but I think they’re ugly, and IMHO if you need that little bit of extra space, things have already gone terribly wrong.


I’ve been using Magrips on my single stack gun for a couple years now, and they still look almost brand new with just a couple dings where I have…um… been slightly misaligned while inserting a magazine. These definitely have my stamp of approval and pretty much all of my single stack 1911’s have a set of them mounted.




They are available direct from Hogue, and run about $125 for the whole set in either aluminum or G-10.

Cool factor Magrips

Cool factor Magrips

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