Tech Tuesday: New Cameron’s 6″ 9mm

Alright, today’s article will be short because I don’t have many rounds on the gun, but I will write a follow-up in a month or so.

Cameron's Custom 6 inch


Alright, so here we go. I picked it up from my dealer yesterday afternoon, and couldn’t wait to get out this morning and give it a good run through. Cosmetic wise when I pulled it out of the box, the gun is perfect. Eddie does an awesome job at bead-blasting and polishing the gun, and to quote my wife “That gun just looks clean“. I couldn’t have said it better myself, the lines and cuts on the gun look great, and take the needed weight out of the slide to cycle with my GreenMatch Competition ammo from SBR that I use for Steel Challenge. We used a 6″ AET barrel from Schuemann that has no hybrid ports. I’ve never had a gun with this set-up before, and I’m anxious to run some standardized drills with it to see how it stacks up against what I’m used to. Currently, the gun has one of the TAS rear sights from STI on it, but this is only temporary until something new and cool comes onto the market (a hint of things to come).


I only had time to run about 100 rounds through it this morning on an indoor range, but so far I’m really liking the way the 6″ sight radius with the sight tracker looks under recoil, and of course the gun ran great right out of the box. It’s not easy to get a gun to run 100% straight away on 112 power factor ammo, so that’s just another sign that they know how to put a gun together in my mind. Being a 9MM, it’s really designed forteel Challenge and 3-Gun, but it may just make an appearance at the Texas Open in March and we’ll se how Limited minor performs. Until next time, Train To Triumph!

Camerons left side Camerons Top

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