NSSF Blog: Mayors Reportedly Preparing Boycott of Gun Manufacturers

The NSSF Blog has an article reporting that Minneapolis, as well as up to 60 other cities are planning to supposed boycott of firearm and ammunition manufacturers if they don’t fall in line with their gun control agenda. This seems like it really has the potential to backfire, as it looks like the cities ready to boycott, are also the ones that go through a lot of ammo. With the current state and mood of our industry, I can see quite a few Ronnie Barrett letters being sent out should they try this tactic…

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5 Responses to NSSF Blog: Mayors Reportedly Preparing Boycott of Gun Manufacturers

  1. Dave Zech says:

    I think this is great.. and I am all for the Firearms industry to return that Favor, I think all Firearms industry should Quickly move out of Unfriendly gun states. Kimber and Remington you are welcome in Ohio, if New York is against you. And I am sure all the Cities that Do not boycott, will like that it leaves more ammo for them.

  2. Terri says:

    They had better back off of the gun grab, it will not work out well for them!!

  3. Davehd2009 says:

    This boycott is WONDERFUL NEWS! I whole heartedly support it! Now maybe there will be more guns and ammo for the rest of us to buy. I doubt that the gun manufacturers need worry about these blowhards hot air as the general gun owning population will easily buy up whatever they aren’t going to buy! I already have standing backorders for ammo with several vendors, and I am shopping for a couple of new firearms! Multiply that by the millions of other gun owners out there and these mayors don’t amount to a hill of beans. And I gotta ask, what are they going to arm their police with, Nerf guns? LOL

  4. J.B. Roberts says:

    Sounds like a plan, just more ammo for me and all my friends.

    • Davehd2009 says:

      Okay by me! That just means more ammo and guns for the civilian population to buy up. There aren’t enough guns and ammo out there now.

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