3 Gun Nation Pro Series Qualifier

Alright, so the 2013-2014 3 Gun Nation Pro Series Qualifier is in the bag. Different than your normal 3 Gun match, the stages of the 3GN Pro Series are designed and set-up with TV in mind. Targets are close, reactive and you have to be running at 100% to keep up with the rest of the shooters. Here’s the video.



Overall, I’m pretty happy with my performance. I had a small bobble loading the shotgun on one stage, and one pretty bad stage, but other than those two things, I felt I had a really solid match. I also wanted to use this as a learning experience so I know what to work on for the first event, which is on April 13th. My biggest weakness right now boils down to inexperience in 3 Gun, and it showed on stage 4 when I stuck with shooting a pistol to avoid having to load the shotgun. So, I’m going to keep working hard at loading my shotgun, get some shooting on the move practice with my rifle and be ready come April!


On a finishing note, I just want to say congratulations to Ravin Perry on an awesome match. I’ve shot with Ravin before on the pistol circuit, and he is definitely going to be somebody to watch for on the Series this year.

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