Tech Tuesday: XTI Sights from XS

Let’s take a preview at a new product that I’ll be using this year in 3-Gun; the Xpress Threat Interdiction(XTI) sights from XS Sight Systems.

XTI Back view

The XTI  sights are an angle mount iron sight designed to fit on the handguard of AR style rifles. The theory with behind he angled iron sights is to have an ultra close range option when you have a scope mounted on the the top of the rifle.  This let’s you have the wide open field of view of iron sights with only a quick twist of the rifle to get your eyes behind the irons.


XS developed these primarily for Tactical/LE use, since nobody was offering a similar sight with the proven low-light capability of the Big Dot system. But, when Jon Pastusek showed them to me last year at an event, I started really thinking about them for 3-gun. Since I’ll be shooting in Tac-Optics this year, a set up bac-up/angled sights should be handy any targets that are super close. I’ve always been a fan of XS Sights for  their speed at close range, so I think these should be a perfect fit for 3 gun. I’ll report more soon once I get my new handguards from Hogue so I can get them mounted.

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