Tech Tuesday: A Visit to XS Sights

When I volunteered at my first HAVA Family Day a couple years ago, I became fast friends with Jon and Stephanie Pastusek of XS Sight Systems. Jon and Steph have an awesome energy and enthusiasm for everything they do, a lot of which is introducing new and young shooters into the sport. With the company being based in Ft. Worth, they invited me to come visit the shop and hang out sometime. Well, Monday was finally that day.

XS 1


The parent company, Horizon Tech Industries, has been in business for about 30 years. They make a lot of different stuff, though most of the production capacity is now focused on XS Sights. I knew that the Big Dot sights were popular,

A small bin full of what will soon be front sights for a Ruger LCR.

A small bin full of what will soon be front sights for a Ruger LCR.

but I didn’t realize just how popular these sights really are until I saw the number of machines dedicated to making them. Now, before somebody starts talking about how Big Dots aren’t accurate, suited for competition or anything else, let’s remember that they are really designed with a single purpose in mind. Shooting a bad guy inside 20 feet, and for that, they work extremely well. As talked to all the employees, it was pretty apparent that they all share a passion, and everybody is committed to making the best possible products for their customers, and that’s always cool.


Now, enough of that, the real purpose of driving up there was to give their Xpress sights for a shotgun and XTI sights a good test drive. I probably shot about as many slugs on Monday as I have in the past year, which was a little painful from a cost standpoint, but hey, don’t want them to go bad right? Up until now, I’ve been using the factory fiber optic bead that came on my Mossberg 930 JM. It works extremely well inside 50 yards, but it can start to get a little interesting past that. With the not quite bead, not quite rifle sights design of the Xpress sights, things started looking better quick.Slugs The biggest difference that I noticed right away was my ability to call the shot vs shooting with a bead. With the factory set-up, I was always waiting for a audible signal (ding or a spotter call) to really have any idea if I hit or miss a slug target.  I’ll be using the sights at SMM3G coming up in a few weeks, so I’ll have more to report soon!




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