Photo Of The Day: “Please sir, I’d like some more”

So, there’s a few things on this sign at Academy Sports that jumped out to me. The first is of course the policy of limiting each customer to one box of each caliber listed, and no more than 3 boxes total. I see both sides of the argument, though it feels very strange to buy only one box of 223 ammo… On a positive side, they seem to have more rifle (223, 308 and 7.72×39) ammo than I’ve seen in quite awhile, so hopefully things are starting to bust loose.


The second thing that really jumped off the sign to me was “MSR”. NSSF has done a fantastic job with this campaign, and I applaud Academy for picking up the running with the term. The more it’s used, I believe less stigma will be attached to the “assault rifle” notion, but it’s always an uphill battle to fight.


Academy policy