Everyday Carry (EDC)

People often ask me what the best concealed carry gun is, and what I personally carry on a daily basis. I think that personal defense extends beyond carrying just a gun, and can include many different tools, so here’s a rundown on what I have on me when I head out the door.


I’m a firm believer in having multiple guns that you carry, and when possible, carrying multiple guns. Additionally, I believe that all of these guns should work exactly the same, in other words, don’t carry a G17 for a primary and an Officer’s 1911 for a back-up.

Pocket/Back-up Gun:

Diamondback DB9 with Cor-Bon 95Gr DPX.

I love this little gun. While it’s not just terribly pleasant to shoot a whole bunch, the DB9 does have usable sights and a pretty decent trigger, all wrapped into a package small enough to put in a reasonably sized pocket. I put the Cor-Bon 95 GR DPX because it will still chrono up around 1300 DPS, even out of the 3″ barrel. Stick that in your 380 and smoke it!


Sticking with the theme of black, polymer guns, I generally carry a S&W M&P9 full size or compact with a Crimson Trace lasergrip. I have a variety of holsters that I use, both OWB and IWB depending on the climate, and how I’m dressed. I like to carry the M&P’s because the full-size is only slightly larger than a Glock 19, but carries two more rounds, and the compact is also only slightly larger than a G26, and again has a two round capacity advantage. For these guns (the others that I carry on a less often basis, like my S&W 3913) I use Winchester Ranger 127 gr +P+ because I feel the SXT bullet design is one of the best traditional jacketed/bonded bullets around, and out of full-size M&P, it just about makes major power factor!



Now, guns aren’t the only thing I carry that can be used as a defensive tool. My honest to God, favorite defensive tool is a small tactical flashlight. I’ve got a few different ones that I’ve picked up over the years, but I look for an aluminum body, small enough to clip onto my pocket and at least 200 lumen output. The great thing about a flashlight is that you can pretty much carry it anywhere. I always carry mine into the airport, courthouse, and other places I can’t carry a gun. The ultra high-output of today’s flashlights make for a great tool that can disorient an attacker and then be used as an impact weapon if need be. Not to mention, it’s great for when you drop parts under the gunsmith bench!

No EDC kit would be complete without a good knife, I carry a Hogue EX-o2. The Extreme series knives are a joint effort between Hogue and Allen Elishewitz and are a great product. The EX-02 is VERY sturdy flipper design with a liner lock. It also features an extra lock to keep the blade open so it won’t collapse if you’re cutting something tough. Check out all of the Hogue Knives for your pick!


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