NRA Action Pistol/Bianchi Cup Production

Whoa, what’s this thing? Yep, it’s a revolver! For NRA Action Pistol Production, I absolutely love my S&W 686+. Bianchi Cup is really about making life easy on yourself, because the stages certainly don’t. The time limits are generous by my normal USPSA or Steel Challenge standards, but the accuracy demands of the match far exceed that of any other Action shooting sport. Despite what some people may believe, double action revolvers are very easy to shoot accurately once you learn the proper trigger pull, and the out of the box accuracy is also generally much better than that of your normal polymer framed “Production” style gun. NRA Action Pistol Production Division rules specify that a semi-auto may not have a barrel longer than 5.25″, while a revolver is allowed a 6″. Instant sight radius advantage to revolvers. Also, the minimum trigger pull is 3.5lbs for both semi-autos and revolvers. Warren Moore did a fantastic action job on this gun after I somewhat butchered it trying to work on it myself… In my opinion, the smooth 5.5lb pull is much easier to shoot than a 3.5-4lb pull on a striker-fired or DA/SA semi-auto. People tend to look at me a little sideways since I’m not known for shooting a revolver, but in 2012, I shot a score that was far, far better than any of my previous attempts. Not to mention, those Hogue grips are sexy!


S&W 686+ with Hogue Grips

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