Steel Challenge Rimfire Optic

My primary rimfire gun is a Tactical Solutions 2211 conversion kit on a dedicated S&W frame. I love this set-up since I’m able to have a very similar trigger pull, grip and feel to my centerfire guns. I also use the same Aimpoint T-1 as my centerfire gun, so it’s about as close as I can make it to my 9mm open gun. Though they do balance different, in my mind, practicing with one is also practice for shooting the other.


Tactical Solutions 2211


In my opinion, Tactical Solutions makes by far the most reliable and best conversion for the sport. I’ve had 3 or 4 different conversion units and they have all been extremely reliable and boring (which is very good thing in a match). The best thing about unit is the magazine. Milled from aluminum barstock, they’re some of the best pistol mags I’ve ever worked with. Yes, they will set you back a few bucks, but it’s cheaper than going to a match and having problems and the resulting frustration and cursing!


My back-up rimfire gun started life as a Ruger MkIII, but was soon fitted with a TacSol 6″ Pac-Lite Upper and yet another Aimpoint Micro. The Ruger platform is probably the most proven 22 pistol designs on the market and this gun holds up the tradition. I had to pick this gun up and start shooting it halfway through the Steel Challenge in 2012, and after some of the times I turned in, I’m seriously considering making this one my primary…


Tactical Solutions Pac-Lite 2


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